The Experience

FAQs & Tips on Preparing for your NYC or Charlotte Family Photography

Snapshots are great, but photographs that make memories last a lifetime are infinitely better! When you work with us at Vanessa Guzzo Photography we provide first-class customer service from start to finish to ensure you have remarkable artwork that you’re proud to show-off for generations to come. With two locations, we provide NYC and Charlotte family photography and video as well as coverage for celebrations of all kinds.

Parents swing young daughter between them on a beach - photo by Vanessa Guzzo Photography

Preparing For Your Session




Dress Smart

Bring VIPs Only

Design Your Display

Choose coordinating colors that compliment your skin tone and avoid wearing just black and white. Simple patterns and textures can be fun so don’t be afraid to mix-it up with scarves, hats, jackets, and layers. Family groups look great when each member has their own style. And favorite toys and blankets can almost always make a child smile.

Children are curious and easily distracted by others. With that in mind, only those directly involved may attend each session. This allows us to put our full attention to every detail and every person in the photographs we’ll be creating.

If you know you want to display gorgeous family photos in your den, bedrooms or entryway, pay close attention to the colors in those rooms. Choosing clothing that compliments your home decor will give you plenty of options for when showcasing prints and framed wall art.




Enjoy your photography!

Schedule for Success

Let US take the pictures

Choose a date and time for the session when everyone can be well rested and full. Arrive 15 minutes early to give your family time to settle down and get comfortable before our session begins.

When we’re finished you’ll receive photographs that are big on personality and stand the test of time, full of sweetness, laughter and connection. We are looking forward to creating gorgeous artwork and albums for you that will fill your home with love.

As parents it can be quite a challenge to not help direct and stay in the moment, and we get it. We also know the best photos happen when kids are just being kids. Come prepared to sit back and take in the magic while each moment unfolds. No camera or cell phone photos, please.

Mom and newborn baby - Vanessa Guzzo Photography


When should I expect to see my collection?

How will my photos be delivered?

Your photos will be meticulously processed, printed, and delivered approximately 2-3 weeks after you’ve selected your artwork.

High-resolution files will be delivered digitally, free of charge, via an online gallery only. A custom USB can be purchased for $150.

How do you secure my online gallery?

Do you offer professional prints?

Your photos are secured with two levels of protection. A gallery password is provided to allow friends and family to view your artwork, along with a shareable pin you can give to those who want to download and own their photos through the same gallery process.

Absolutely. Printing is a critical piece of the display process that makes all the difference in the impact of your artwork. You can choose exceptional prints and albums, along with an array of wall art on metal, canvas, and wood, directly from your online gallery.

Tell me about your mobile app.

Do you photograph special events?

To view your photos while on the go we will be providing you a mobile app. That way your pictures will be formatted to your phone or tablet so that you can view the photos perfectly without having to pan or “stretch” them to fit your screen. You will also be able to post directly to social media. The app is for on-line viewing only while the high-res photographs are stored in your gallery.

With pleasure! We love witnessing all the excitement and beauty of events whether it’s a party for kids or a 50th anniversary celebration. We’ll bring our cameras while you raise a glass to your life’s most important moments.

Do you offer in-home portrait sessions?

What about weddings?

Without a doubt, home is where the heart is and these are some of our favorite shoots! There’s nothing quite like photographing a family surrounded by the people and heirlooms that are most dear to them. We would be delighted to come to your house to capture all the love and all the moments that make your life together so unique.

We photograph weddings on a limited basis. While portraits and events are our specialty, most of our clients are families that we work with year after year. When your kids grow up and tie the knot, we would be honored to be at their side. Note: We work as partners for large weddings and I work individually when documenting smaller, more intimate affairs.

Are you ready to travel?

Do you photograph kids of all ages?

Yes, please! Vanessa is at home in Charlotte and NYC and her incredible team works throughout the state of New York. We are always up for new adventures with passports at the ready. Wherever we find family and friends that love each other we’re ready to capture their styles, emotions and personalities.

We adore photographing children starting from 2 weeks old all the way to graduation. We like to catch newborns with that factory fresh look in their eyes and seniors on the cusp of young adulthood. From the time your baby makes eye contact with you to the moments leading up to college and beyond, we would be honored to photograph your kids every step of the way.

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